Opening Day and Enrollment

OPENING DAYWe are so excited to announce OPENING DAY as October 26, 2015! Our business hours will be 7:00am-5:30pm. We have hired some amazing staff members and are still looking for 1-2 more childcare teachers that would be a good fit for our team. If you or someone you know is interested, please send an email, including: resume or work experience, contact information, and interest in the position to info@emmetsburgeducationcenter.com.


We will be taking enrollment on Thursday, October 22, 2015. Details on times and contact information coming soon.


Progress Continues…

Starting a quality child development center is no easy feat! The Emmetsburg Education Center became a thought in November of 2014 and slowly grew into a reality. At times, it feels like our progress is moving slowly but when we look back at all we’ve accomplished in the past 9 months, it is quite tremendous. Professional networks have been established, our board of directors has been finalized, our business plan was constructed, and fundraising and grants have started (some already approved).

For roughly 4 months, we scoured the town of Emmetsburg for a suitable permanent location that would meet DHS and Fire Marshal requirements. We came up empty-handed, resulting in our quest for a temporary location that would meet our needs. Even with a temporary location, certain stipulations are required- one of them being a bathroom that meets ADA standards and a back ramp that cribs can be evacuated down in the case of an emergency.

We’ve hired a contractor to take care of these requirements and are starting to purchase our furnishings. As much as we hoped our center would be open with the start of the school year, it appears that an October start date is more realistic. We will continue to update as we narrow down our official open date! We thank everyone for their patience as we continue to work hard to create a child development center in Emmetsburg that will have a lasting impact on the community!


Our sign being hung on Labor Day! Celebrating all the fruits of our labor this year.


Just a few more finishing touches to the exterior and it is complete.


Temporary Location Progress

Board members, family, and friends have been busy getting our temporary location ready for our grand opening! Here are a few shots of our progress thus far on the facade.

 DSC_0034IMG_20150810_175233542_HDR (1)

The vents and ducts were professionally cleaned and new filters were installed; painting and demo has begun on the inside. We are anxious to get everything finished and opened.